advanced dubwise electronic music

BOLDini @ rdlr, zürich w/ leisure options, ink!, ruftec, guyus &

on saturday november 15th, 2014 from 11pm @ rdlr, zürich

BOLDini? well, that's the little bro of BOLD that's gonna make it big at the notorious, undisclosed rue de la revolution (rdlr)!

a night of bass, breaks, stabs and hi-speed claps featuring
- leisure options (hek, zweikommasieben; bs)
- ruftec (divercity; zh)
- ink! (hula honeys; zh)
- guyus (dubexmachina; zh)
- (comfortnoise, dubexmachina; zh)

...w/ love from hula honeys, zweikommasieben , divercity & dubexmachina.



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