advanced dubwise electronic music

COMFORTNOISE PLOY all night long @ kraftfeld winterthur

on saturday may 14th, 2016 from 11pm @ kraftfeld, winterthur

comfortnoise ploy
plays out what comfortnoise passionately pursues: bass, drum & time. echo, reverb & space. loops, patterns & decoration. 7", 10" & 12". strength, warmth & muddiness. berlin, kingston & the marquesas. prince jammy, king tubby & queen pomaré. ishmael, queequeg & ahab. kea, etua & matahoata.

dubtechno - dub - space & hall

doors: 8pm - start 11pm
entry: chf 15 from 11pm

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Dubtechno, Dub, Space & Hall
Kraftfeld, Lagerplatz 18, 8400 Winterthur

Die Jungs von Comfortnoise Ploy laden zu einem Trip mit deftig Bass und Hall. Die ganze liebe lange Nacht lang weben die DJs (Dubexmachina, Bold/ZH) und Xeed (Echogarden/ZH), Sänger und MC Iyah Ranx (Justice Rivah/SG) sowie Echo-Meister und Geräte-Matador Rjega (Freunde elektronischer Musik/ZH) am Soundteppich aus tiefen Basslinien, spitzen Klicks, zerschellten Flächen und herumgeisternden Vocals. 

Türöffnung: 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 23:00 Uhr
Eintritt: CHF 15.00 ab 23 Uhr

>>> see cmfrtns ploy in detail

comfortnoise ploy is live sonic carpet weaving somewhere between dubtechno & dub at its roots: with two turntables, a microphone, a legendary vintage roland space echo re-201, an elektron octatrak sampling/sequencing device, a multi-band radio, a dub siren, a blues harp & other useful gear to do the dub.

comfortnoise ploy is operated by:
- xeed (echogarden; zh - facebook, soundcloud) - dj
- (comfortnoise, dubexmachina, bold; zh - soundcloud) - dj
- iyah ranx (justice rivah; sg) - singer/mc
- rjega (freunde elektronischer musik; zh) - echo master/effect device manager

Cmfrtns ploy


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