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NEW.COM - Powder Blue - Comfortnoise 03

>>> see oli warwick's review on international orange on may 3, 2021
>>> listen to om unit (cosmic bridge; bristol) playing "milan": swu fm june 2021 (w special guest pugilist)
>>> listen to orson (version; berlin) playing "cessation": callshop radio 26.8.2021
>>> listen to bmo (bristol) playing "milan": planet smorgasbord

“Powder Blue” is another composition of crisp heavyweight Swiss dubbings delivered by NEW.COM on his Comfortnoise imprint: Six soundsystem workouts assembled into a proper mini album, accompanied by a picture inlay plus sticker, and the download code.

This record maps NEW.COM’s own take of Bristol-influenced bass music. It advances his preceding “The Unity Is Submarine” EP by inclining towards grime and drill patterns, shaded by reggae, jungle, funky, acid and electro.
“Milan” opens the A-side with a turbulent flow of percussion grounded by a solid, deep-rooted bassline. It develops into a ravey, yet melancholic hands-in-the-air mood. “Olamina” invites to dance by displaying a reduced, funky drum pattern with fat kicks: You choose whether you ride the pushy flow or drift into a cool, laid-back reverie. “Dubclusion” concludes this side with a mighty bassline wrapped up in a deliberately idiosyncratic digital reggae tune.
On the B-side, “Decoy” rushes through the dancefloor like a proper techno tune. However, it has its own edge and surprises not only with some sort of hysterical birds but also a swinging bassline. Thereafter, “Brainbridge” enters a most reduced, spacious, heavyweight realm. Its drill pattern is fully presented just once but never stops clinging to your head throughout the whole suspenseful journey. “Cessation” comes full circle as a dark, spooky, droning tune that dismisses you into your very own inner world.
This is serious heavyweight meditation business!
all tracks w & p by Marius Neukom
mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs
Artwork by Stillhart Konzept

p & c 2021 com03


NEW.COM - The Unity Is Submarine - Comfortnoise 02

>>> see the review on juno daily on march 18, 2021.

Ever since it was founded in 2003, Comfortnoise has featured events, podcasts, and texts rotating around mighty basslines in Techno and Dub. Now, NEW.COM («new-dot-com»), head of Comfortnoise, emerges with four of his own productions exploring the depths of dancefloor, even soundsystem-oriented music: «Mountainous Conquest» piles up a ground-shaking bassline interspersed with breezy percussion and a fragmented melodica theme. «Mental Canoe» lays out an utmost stripped-down, metallically droning Reggae tune, while «Green Plunder» presents a nasty, shattering, technoid roller. Finally, percussion-oriented «Ravings Of Rock» playfully swings between stops and goes, seabed and rain clouds. The EP casually follows a powerfully eloquent poem by Carribean poet Edward Kamau Brathwaite (r.i.p.) and closes with this pretty evident line: «The Unity Is Submarine».

w & p by Marius Neukom (except A1 by Marius Neukom & Rjega)
titles & lyrics inspired by Edward K. Brathwaite, Sun Poem, 1982
mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs
Artwork: Stillhart Konzept
distributed by rewindforward, bristol (uk) 

p & c 2020 com02


Comfortnoise Ploy - Three Stands - Comfortnoise 01

Comfortnoise Ploy offers three heavily dubbed out tunes complemented by an ingenious, kind of shoegazing remix by Gaspard de La Montagne. Similar to what Comfortnoise Ploy play in their comprehensive live performances, these tracks are loose, lost-in-thought sonic patterns that do not quite obey any style or genre. They rather freely lean against Donald W. Winnicott’s conceptualization of three strands of communication available to an individual: The first is explicit, indirect and pleasurable, the second is intermediate by sliding out of the child’s playing into cultural experience of every kind, and finally and most surprisingly a third line of communication which is – forever silent.

w & p by Marius Neukom & Rjega
sax on A1 & B2 by Michiel Renger
additional production on B2 by Gaspard de La Montagne
mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs
Artwork: Stillhart Konzept
distributed by rewindforward, bristol (uk) 

p & c 2020 com01

comfortnoise ploy contributes a polyrhythmic, bassheavy, almost-10-minutes-weirdo-monster-track to the sbire sampler DOUCE / DANSE. it is released on a slick cassette containing loads of inventive electronic music carefully retrieved from the swiss underground. 

Sbire sampler cover 500


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